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From the stories of the people who live there, you can tell that Oklawaha County is a rural precinct in north central Florida. Yet, you will not find it on conventional maps. It exists outside ordinary time and space, the creation of Florida troubadour Gamble Rogers.

This website is dedicated to the fine, fictive folk who work and love, fish and swear and drink in Oklawaha County, and to the real friends and fans of Gamble Rogers, who enjoyed his literary and musical creations. Above all, it is dedicated to the memory of James Gamble Rogers IV, the artist in whose mind these collisions between imagination and worldly experience occurred, scattering stories among us for thirty years or so.

Disclaimer: There is no Oklawaha County in the state of Florida. Visitors to this website should not plan trips, get driving directions, call 411 or 911, make appointments, or seek to do any other terrestrial thing in Oklawaha County. It doesn't exist.

Snipes Ford and Bean Creek are not incorporated municipalities. They are Gamble's creative studies in good-ol'-boy civic decorum. The Gamble Rogers Memorial Foundation offers this interpretation of already-apocryphal places, to recall the joy of Gamble's performances, and to share his gifts with new generations of pilgrims.

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